ISTC Research Award

In Celebration of Armenian Researchers, ISTC is announcing the “Awarding Researchers’ Minds” research award of 5000 USD in support of projects undertaking innovative approaches to solve complex challenges in our world.

We are looking for researchers with outstanding works on new technologies in the spheres of: AI, Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing and Blockchain, etc.

Program scope:
ISTC will be supporting postdoctoral technological projects undertaking innovative approaches to solving complex challenges currently facing the following industries: banking and finance, transportation, healthcare, life sciences, retail, telecommunications, energy, and water.
These industries are not limitations but will facilitate finding a partnership for further commercialization of the presented research, once a finalist is chosen.
The program is targeting researchers with relatively mature new technologies who are interested in developing their research further in order to achieve a wider impact. The proposed projects should be targeted to global markets. To this end, if a proposal involves technological innovation, the applicant may
declare the technology readiness level using Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) method.
Projects can be interdisciplinary.

Key Research Areas:
The main research areas we will be targeting are: Cognitive computing (AI), Machine Learning, Big
Data Analytics, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing and Blockchain, Biomedical Informatics and
Computational Biology, Medical Informatics, Databases and Data Mining, Embedded Systems,
Scientific and Numerical Computing, Security, Privacy and Cryptography.

Secondary Research Areas will include: Internet of Things, Bioinformatics, Nanotechnology, Content
Management, Service-oriented architectures, and healthcare informatics.

Applicants can declare the technologic readiness of their innovations by utilizing the Technology
Readiness Levels (TRL) method, where appropriate. Projects can be interdisciplinary.

The expected impact of projects will be:

  • Development and wide deployment of sustainable, innovative solutions and industrial technologies for tackling societal and commercial challenges
  • Demonstrated increase in productivity in the main target sector of the research project
  • Leveraging increased private investment into research and/or innovation
  • Increased industry participation, including small and medium-sized entrepreneurship centers

Criteria for Applicants:

  • Each team must include at least one postdoctoral researcher
  • Each team must represent at least one Armenian higher education or research institution
  • The team must include at least 1 young scientist

Criteria for Research:

  • Proposed research must be in the overall scope of the program as described in “Program
  • The proposed research project should be in one of the research fields defined in the “Priority
    Research Areas”
  • Societal relevance: Why is the research important now?
  • Novelty and originality: What new knowledge does the research proposal produce?
  • Scientific courage: What is intriguing about the research proposal?
  • Presentation: How impressive was the pitch?

Included with your application:

  1. Concept Paper outlining the “Scientific discipline of the research,” highlighting the following:
  • The expected impact of your Research
  • Ongoing research grants from other programs
  • Titles of all your previously published articles (including international articles)
  • Results you’ve found so far
  • What your final goal is concerning your research

2. Letters of Recommendation (up to 3)

3. CV’s from all team members (including LinkedIn Profiles)

Usage of the Prize Money:
There aren’t any burdensome reporting requirements on the use of the prize money.
More detailed instructions will be provided after winners have been chosen. As part of the report, the winners will discuss the progress of their research in an oral presentation at the next Award Ceremony in 2018/19.

The Jury
The technical inspection of applications will be completed by private and academic experts. The first review of applications will be done by a preliminary jury, which will consist of experts from
different scientific fields (Natural Sciences, Engineering and Technology, Medical and Health
Sciences, Agricultural Sciences, Humanities, and Social Sciences).
During the preliminary round, the teams will be shortlisted by the experts, after which finalists will be
selected by a jury composed of scientific experts.

Application Form (All documents should be uploaded as PDFs)