ISTC Design School


Within the framework of ISTC Design School, we are starting series of trainings of 3d Max Modeling & Texturing 1.0 in cooperation with CG Academy. During the courses, you will learn to work with 3Ds Max program, create models, episodes in a three-dimensional environment and get the final look.
The curricula of this program includes:

Introduction to 3D graphics

3Ds Max Interface (Menu bar, Toolbar, Pivots and Axis)
Primitives (Box, Sphere, Cylinder, Plane)

What is the 3D model (vertex, edge, polygon)
Working with lights and cameras

Modifiers Part 1
Taper, Mesh smooth, Bend, FFD, Twist, Normal, Push, Shell

Modifiers Part 2
Edit Poly, Symmetry

Modifiers Part 3
UV Map, Unwrap Discussion of personal project

Texturing, Shading, Materials
Bringing the final look to the model, personal project discussion, review summary

Duration: 1 month, 3 times weekly

Price: 60 000 AMD

Starting: August 28, 2017

with Arthur Babloyan and Iterate team

All interested candidates are invited to submit the form below before August 25, 2017 and become part of our awesome community.
Don’t hesitate to contact us if any questions!
Places are limited to 10 people, so hurry up not to lose your spot!