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Business Analytics, SPSS Software

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SPSS is a statistics and data analysis program for businesses, governments, research institutes, and academic organizations. From importing spreadsheets to creating regression models, to exporting charts,thos course covers all the basics with an emphasis on charity, interpretation, communicability, and application. The Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) is a software package used in the statistical analysis of data. The software was originally meant for the social sciences but has become popular in other fields such as health sciences and especially in marketing, market research and data mining.


Introduction to Statistical Analysis using IBM SPSS Statistics

Introduction to statistical analysis
Describing relationships between variables
Relationships between categorical variables
Understanding data distributions theory
Making an inference about populations from samples
One sample T-test
The Independent sample T-test
The paired samples T-test
One way ANOVA
Bivariate plots and correlations for scale variables
Introduction to Regression analysis
Introduction to Nonparametric tests

Data Management and Manipulation with IBM SPSS Statistics

Explain the use of SPPS Statistics for basic data analytics
Import data from different types of file formats
Define, save, and view variable properties
Use the Data Editor enter data value, work with data editor features and multiple Data Editor windows
Summarize individual  variables using tables and graphs
Group values of variables using various methods
Create new variables using the Compute Variable dialog
Analyze relationships between categorical variables and between categorical and scale variables
Select cases in a data file using various methods
Present results with charts
Use the Output Viewer and its editing features
Use basic syntax to automate analyses
Use the Toolbars
Use all types of help in SPSS Statistics
Reading data
Variable properties
Working with the data editor
Summarizing the individual variables
Modifying data values: recode
Modifying data values: compute



Ruben Gevorgyan

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