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C# Programming

Price: AMD40,000.00

CSharp Mailing
ISTC is happy to announce that now we are providing an educational course for C# Programming. C#—it’s not just a musical note. First introduced in 2000 alongside Microsoft ’s .Net framework, it’s been through five versions and one (now-retired) mascot named Andy. Now, it’s arguably one of the most valuable programming languages to learn—and here’s why.

Why learn C# Programming?

C# is very similar to other object-oriented programming languages, but it has a unique set of features that make some programmers favor it. C# is a statically-typed language, which means your code will be checked for errors before it gets built into an app. Errors will be easier to track down, and since statically-typed languages are also more strict with how you code something, the codebase, in general, will be more consistent and thus easier to maintain as it grows in size and complexity. Considering that C# is a statically-typed language it is also faster than other languages because things are more clearly defined.

How to learn C# Programming?

ISTC is providing C# courses that we not only help you master the language fast but will also make the learning experience pleasant. The program will be held in 5 stages. All the stages in sum will be taking place in 6 months. For every stage of the course, you need a different type of preparation. At the end of each stage of the course, there will be an interactive project with students that will give you an opportunity to practice all the skills that you have mastered during the course.


Programming Basics

The C# Programming Basics stage is unique for beginners, which will allow you to begin learning the C# programming language without having any special preliminary training. All you need in order to successfully master this stage is the basic skills of working with a personal computer. You will be able to learn modern programming language under the clear and understandable instructions of an experienced coach. After completing the stage, you will not only get basic skills but will also be able to continue evolving as a developer of the .NET platform. Over time, you can create a wide variety of applications, ranging from window applications to high-professional sites and corporate software products. If your goal is to master the profession of a programmer, this stage is the starting point.

Essential OOP

The stage is presented by 18 interconnected lessons that will allow you to fully understand the syntax of the C# language and its semantics, as well as master object-oriented programming (OOP) in C#, understand event-oriented, structural, functional and aspect-oriented approaches. The stage begins with the basic concepts and paradigms of OOP. The concepts of classes and features of the C# language will be examined. The stage ends with a review of the basic concepts of LINQ and .NET Framework technologies. At the end of the stage you must master the basic capabilities of the C # programming language, as well as create full-fledged sequential algorithms and this will be a good foundation for learning more complex technologies that .NET Developer should possess.


The stage C# for professionals focused on the in-depth study of the Microsoft .NET Framework and C #. In this course, you will learn what is reflection and attributes, serialization and garbage collection. In addition, this course contains many standard classes that allow you to work with the file system, with data sets, strings, XML and many others. This stage is intended for students who already have knowledge of programming in C #. At the end of the stage, you can confidently use C # and better understand the principles of the .NET platform


In this stage, you will get acquainted with the ADO.NET, Entity Framework technology and SQL Server. Upon completion of the stage you will be able to: create databases, write queries and understand the principles of SQL Server,  generate the Entity Data Model, use the Data Base First, Model First, Code First approaches, work with entities, change them, manipulate the data in the database with entities and LINQ, and handle errors.


This stage covers basic .NET technologies such as NT Services, WPF, .NET Core, MVC. You will learn about complex constructions such as properties, routed events, and their use when creating window applications, learn how to use layout containers, commands, resources, learn the controls that are needed to create a flexible and functional user interface. You will receive all the necessary skills to create enterprise applications. You will understand the life cycle of the page, the data binding. 
Top candidates based on their academic progress will receive respectively 30, 50, 100 percent reimbursement on their tuition fee.
 This means that from now on you can start to learn and work at the same time! Here you can get an opportunity to get back the payment you have been  charged for the course. So take your chance to be the top candidate of the course and attend it absolutely free.
The tuition fee is ։
1st Stage: 40 000 AMD
2nd Stage: 60 000 AMD
3rd Stage: 60 000 AMD
4th Stage: 40 000 AMD
5th Stage: 40 000 AMD



Tigran Vardanyan


Vanik Hakobyan

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  • 15 Participants
  • 144 Hours
  • 6 Months
  • 3 Times Weekly
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