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Price: AMD45,000.00

Dope course with Aro

Why Learn Design?

This course is designed for people interested in design and branding, as well as business executives and marketing professionals. During this course, participants don’t learn design tools they discover creative sources and current trends, technologies used in the field, and historical design, as well as design as a tool in business.
In short, the course could be called “design thinking”.
The tuition fee is 45 000 AMD.

First Stage

The program consists of  8 seminar meetings.  Aro will talk about the history of design, color theory, eye tracking, composition, marketing, fonts, digital platform naming, social and territorial branding, and many other exciting topics.

Getting familiar with students, so that the upcoming meetings will be more friendly.

Coloring and Eye Tracking
Obviously, all we accept and archive external information with our 5+ senses, and during the class, students will refer to each of them, emphasizing the features of the eye tracking and coloring.

Letters, font, hieroglyphs, and signs from ancient times haven’t lost their relevance as the main means of communication and, of course, during this lesson, will talk about Mesrop Mashtots and the Armenian alphabet.

The letters, the font, the genre, the signs from antiquity have not lost their relevance as a means of individual communication, and, of course, we must speak of Mesrop Mashtots and Armenian alphabet separately.

Society has a wrong opinion about marketing today, while it has a lot of important functions. Basically, we will talk about marketing linking with design.

It is extremely important to take into account the legislation: not only copyright is a common issue in this modern era, but also there are many limitations that increase the work of professionals, and if they don’t take the limitations into account, they are doomed to fail.

There will be a separate meeting on different technologies and different platforms, for instance, NLP etc.

Territorial branding
This route has recently got a lot of attention, and all countries and cities try to stay indifferent to this issue, as we, Armenians, are also trying …

Workshop 1

Workshop 2


Ara Aslanyan

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  • Language: Armenian
  • 16 Hours
  • 1 Month
  • Monday, Thursday at 19:00
  • Deadline for applications: June 23, 2019
  • Course Starts: June 24, 2019