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Price: AMD40,000.00

Enhance your design skills in 2 months with Ara Aslanyan.

Why Learn Design?

This course is designed for people interested in design and branding. It’s also of great interest to business executives and marketing professionals, as we will not learn design software, but will be talking about both creative sources and current trends, technologies used in the field, and historical design, as well as design as a tool in business.
In short, this can be called a “design thinking” course, and for designers the second stage will be more special, with the possibility of working on a separate project.
The tuition fee is 40 000 AMD per month.

First Stage

During the first stage there will be eight meetings in the format of seminar. Ara will discuss the history of design, color theory, eye tracking, composition, marketing, fonts, digital platform naming, social and territorial branding, and many other exciting topics.

Getting acquainted with one another, so that the upcoming meetings are friendly.

Ara will introduce the basic designs from ancient times that have turned into a clear science today.

Coloring and Eye Tracking
Obviously, we accept and archive external information with our 5+ senses, and during the class we will refer to each of them, emphasizing the features of the eye tracking and coloring.

Public and society have a wrong opinion on marketing today, while it has a lot of important functions. Basically, we will talk about marketing link with design.

It is extremely important to take into account the legislation: not only copyright is a common issue in this modern era, but also there are many limitations that increase the work of professionals, and if they do not take the limitations into account, they are doomed to fail.

We will have a separate meeting on different technologies and different platforms, for instance, NLP etc.

The letters, the font, the genre, the signs from antiquity have not lost their relevance as a means of individual communication, and, of course, we must speak of Mesrop Mashtots and Armenian alphabet separately.

Territorial branding
this track lately has been getting attention and all the countries and cities are not indifferent towards this as well, including Armenians.

Second Stage

The second stage is specifically designed for designers, in which we will divide in groups and work on specific projects and get final results that participants will be able to present in their portfolio as co-authors. We will also send your results to many studios as a recommendation. In order to take part in the second stage, there is a need for a technical backgraound: Photoshop, illustrator or other field skills such as calligraphy, illumination, 3d, …

This part of the course contains teamwork on real projects with Ara, which will allow participants to be a part of that project and present it as their portfolio.



  • Language: Armenian
  • 30 Hours
  • 2 Months
  • 2 times weekly
  • Deadline for applications: April 11, 2019
  • Course Starts: April 15, 2019