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JS Bootcamp

Price: AMD50,000.00


What if the JavaScript is that exact platform to start with?

ISTC is relaunching the JavaScript course. With having an experience of JavaScript courses now we are starting the newly designed course. Over 15 weeks, you will learn all the skills needed to begin a career as a web developer. Through hands-on projects you’ll come to understand coding logic using popular languages and frameworks like JavaScript, HTML/CSS, ReactJS while learning how to think like a programmer by building software from the ground up.  JS Bootcamp will provide you with mentorship, data-driven curriculum, and a top-notch learning environment that will launch you into your first Junior Developer role. 

Why learn Javascript?

It’s the most used and popular programming language of the world and that makes it a programmer’s great choice. Besides, it is the most sought-after technology right now and there is a lack of good Javascript Developers in the market. It is a great opportunity to get a good job out of learning Javascript.

How to learn Javascript?

Programming experience isn’t required: you will need lots of tenacity and a passion for building cool matter. The program will be held in 4 stages and in sum will be taking place for 4 months. For every stage of the course, you need a different type of preparation. At the end of each stage of the course, there will be an interactive project with students that will give you an opportunity to practice all the skills that you have mastered during the course.


Programming Fundamentals

This stage is for anyone interested in taking their first step toward a career in web development. Learners with no prior experience are encouraged to take this course! In addition, this is the first course of the Javascript Programming, providing the programming fundamentals you will need to successfully complete the course stages and the web development portion of the capstone project .
All you need in order to successfully master this stage is the basic skills of working with a personal computer.

Web Development

This stage introduces students to the basics of programming for the web using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. You will learn how to build the visual and interactive components of a website. Students learn how to create the structural foundation of a site (HTML), style it (CSS), and add logic to control its behavior (Javascript). Students gain an understanding of how the web works and customize their sites using their own designs and ideas.
The stage also includes an introduction to JQuery, its usage in animation, Ajax and Bootstrap.

Advanced Javascript

This stage explains how to use Advanced JavaScript to create complex applications. After completing our Advanced JavaScript stage you will be able to develop and maintain robust and reusable code. The practical nature of this stage will allow you to understand and get familiar with advanced topics.
This stage will show JS objects using and OOP concepts for modern JavaScript applications. It is not for beginners in JavaScript. To attend this stage, you must have previous working experience of Javascript and jQuery, which you can learn in previous stages.


In this stage, you will learn design patterns, rest API, get an introduction to React.js, one of the top Javascript frameworks, as well as will have a basic understanding of Redux library. You will be able to create easily smaller components and build large-scale applications. The stage will allow building large-scale high-performance applications with smaller and reusable stateful components.

Project Stage

During this stage the team with the help of back-end programmers, will create a new product using React.js. 
Top candidates based on their academic progress will receive respectively 30, 50, 100 percent reimbursement on their tuition fee.
 This means that from now on you can start to learn and work at the same time! Here you can get an opportunity to get back the payment you have been charged for the course. So take your chance to be the top candidate of the course and attend it absolutely free.
The tuition fee is 50 000 AMD per month.



Tatevik Begjanyan

Spots are limited so hurry up to save yours by clicking Apply Now!
By applying, you will also receive the syllabus of the course.
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  • 15 Participants
  • 142 Hours
  • 4 Months
  • 3 Times Weekly
  • Deadline for Applications: March June 25, 2019
  • Start Date: June 29, 2019