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Machine Learning

Price: AMD50,000.00

Become Machine Learning specialist in 4 months!

Why learn Machine Learning?

Year after year, the fields of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are developing, appearing in our everyday lives, starting with individual playlist suggestions to Facebook advertising. From recommendation systems to image processing, demand for machine learners is high, the professionals are few, which is why this course can be the foundation of your future career.

Where Learn Machine Learning?

ISTC is launching a new course on Machine Learning that will help you gain the required knowledge for working in this field if you already have some basis on the basics of programming or math.


The course has been developed by professional Machine Learning specialists for sharing their knowledge and helping learn programming, algorithms, and machine learning in a simple way. 

Basics of Machine Learning

In the first stage, the participants will get acquainted with the basics of machine learning, will get knowledge on data manipulation, can validate the models and assess the parameters. 

Machine Learning

During this stage participants will get acquainted with Decision Tree, Ensemble Models, Gaussian Mixture Models etc. At the end of this stage, participants will have a chance to use all the newly gained knowledge in practical works which will help to perceive it more quietly.

Basics of Deep Learning

The stage is presented by 18 interconnected lessons that will allow you to fully understand how to find the linear and non-linear relations of data, discover Neuronal Networks, Deep diver into Deep Learning Frameworks, and also learn Image Processing etc. This stage is for participants who have basic knowledge of Machine Learning.

Deep Learning

The stage is for Machine Learning professionals focused on the in-depth study of Image Processing, Recurrent Neuronal, Deep Learning Models and Libraries, Video Processing, Deep Q-Learning etc. This stage is full of practical work, thanks to which participants will be able to apply all the new knowledge acquired in real projects.
Top candidates based on their academic progress will receive respectively 30, 50, 100 percent reimbursement on their tuition fee.
 This means that from now on you can start to learn and work at the same time! Here you can get an opportunity to get back the payment you have been charged for the course. So take your chance to be the top candidate of the course and attend it absolutely free.
The tuition fee is 50 000 AMD per month.





Artashes Khachatryan


Garik Adamyan

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  • 15 Participants
  • 96 Hours
  • 4 Months
  • 3 Times Weekly
  • Deadline for Applications: March 30, 2019
  • Start Date: April 3, 2019