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Machine Learning for Applied Solutions

Price: AMD50,000.00

Become a Machine Learning Specialist in 21 Weeks

Machine Learning is an interdisciplinary field and it’s hard to get into it without knowledge of mathematics and programming. ISTC  together with HiLearn team has created this new in-depth course to help you gain the knowledge necessary to work in this field if you already know some programming or mathematics.
This course has been designed by professional Machine Learning Engineers and Specialists so that they will share their knowledge and help you learn programming, algorithms and machine learning in a simple way.
The course provides you with 21 weeks of highly valuable content.
Course starts with 2 parallel tracks that teach you the basic programming skills and fundamental mathematics necessary to get started with the course. Afterward, there is a mixture of python and mathematics to get you started with the necessary tools to convert theoretical machine learning knowledge to software. The main part of the course will teach you both the mathematical foundations of different ML models and give you hands-on programming assignments to convert those into working software. Finally, the last stage will be supervised by different partners that will give you real-world projects to sharpen your skills and get acquainted with industrial software engineering workflows.
Before taking part in the program, applicants will pass a preliminary test exam based on programming and mathematical directions. Depending on the results of the exams, the participants will be included in the -1 or 0 stages corresponding to the following:


Basics of Python or Fundamentals of Mathematics [2 Weeks]

An intermediate level people who know the basics of coding, including the python basics like data structures, operators or Numpy, will learn some algorithms on math like linear algebra and calculus for future stages.
People who are not that comfortable with coding but who has some intermediate skills in math will learn the basics of Python like data structures and operators etc.


Python for Machine Learning [3 Weeks]

In this stage, both groups of mathematicians and coders will have an introduction to computational frameworks and plotting used in machine learning. It involves statistical learning and data visualization etc. After completing stage 0, all participants in the program will pass one more exam-interview and the best participants will continue the program until the end.


Machine Learning [12 Weeks]

This stage will consist of 12 weeks of classes in the following format: 2 days of 2.5 hours of lecture + 5 hours of coding sessions over the weekends.
Topics will include:
Fundamentals of ML and Supervised Learning [5 weeks]
Regression Models
Classification Models
Trees, Ensemble Methods
Unsupervised Learning [2 weeks]
Dimensionality Reduction
Neural Networks [3 weeks]
Neural Networks and Backpropagation
Convolutional Neural Networks
Recurrent Neural Networks
Statistical Machine Learning [2 weeks]
Introduction to Graphical Models
Hidden Markov ModelsPython for Machine Learning


Projects with Machine Learning [4 Weeks]

At this stage, the participants will be split into relevant groups and will have the opportunity to work with real projects on the basis of which will be provided data by private partners. The stage consists of 4 weeks of teamwork and mentorship by specialists.
Top candidates based on their academic progress will receive respectively 30, 50, 100 percent reimbursement on their tuition fee.
 This means that from now on you can start to learn and work at the same time! Here you can get an opportunity to get back the payment you have been charged for the course. So take your chance to be the top candidate of the course and attend it absolutely free.
The tuition fee is 50 000 AMD per month.



Arsen Mamikonyan


Arsen Hambardzumyan


Razmik Melikbekyan


Ashot Matevosyan


Vardges Mambreyan


Daniel Baghdasaryan


Davit Khechoyan


  • 30 Participants
  • 160 Hours
  • 5 Months
  • 3 Times Weekly
  • Deadline for Applications: Soon
  • Start Date: Soon