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Price: AMD45,000.00

Why Learn Computer Systems Administration?

In nowadays world companies depend on their networks for so much of their work, therefore any problems must be corrected swiftly and completely. A computer systems administrator maintains an organization’s workflow and keeps its lines of communication open. Aside from identifying and fixing network issues, computer systems administrators must also make updates to all equipment and software so they’re current.

Where to Learn Computer Systems Administration?

ISTC is launching its Computer System Administration course, after which the students will not only have basic knowledge on configuration and maintenance of server operating systems but also learn about virtualization and cloud platforms.


1st stage

Computer Systems Administration Basics (24 hours)

This stage will provide knowledge from introducing computer hardware, operating systems, and connections, domains, and services, to networking, configurations, servers and databases.

Week 1 (1st stage)

Day 1: Intro about Computer Hardware
Day 2:
Operating Systems, Connection Types, Installation
Day 3:
Client-Server technology, File Format Types, Permissions

Week 2 (1st stage)

Day 1: Domain Name System, Active Directory
Day 2:
Local and Domain Group Policy, Windows Terminal Services,
Day 3:
Internet Security and Acceleration Server, Internet Information Services

Week 3 (1st stage)

Day 1: Communications and networking
Day 2: 
Linux, installing Ubuntu, advanced usage and managing Ubuntu
Day 3: 
WWW, DHCP, Port configuration

Week 4 (1st stage)

Day 1: DNS, Samba, NFS, Mail servers
Day 2: 
Web Servers, Databases, PHP components
Day 3: Overview

2nd stage

Advanced Computer System Administration (24 hours)

During this stage students will get acquainted with virtualization, it’s management, network, and storage pool. Advanced networking in virtualization systems, DNS servers and cloud platform basics, configuration and security will also be included.

Week 1 (2nd stage)

Day 1: Practical Intro about Server Hardware and Enterprise Equipment’s
Day 2: 
Intro about Virtualization
Day 3: 
Virtualization Management (KVM, ESXi, PowerVM, etc.)

Week 2 (2nd stage)

Day 1: Virtual Network
Day 2: 
VM Storage Pool (SFP, iSCSI,)
Day 3: 
Data mirror, migration, integration

Week 3 (2nd stage)

Day 1: Advanced Networking in Virtualization Systems
Day 2: 
DNS A-Z installation and configuration
Day 3: 
DNS overview

Week 4 (2nd stage)

Day 1: Intro about Cloud Platform
Day 2: 
Cloud Platform configuration
Day 3: Cloud Platform Security


By the end of this stage, students will have basic knowledge about the installation and configuration of the server operating systems.
By the end of this stage, students will have basic knowledge about the installation and configuration of the virtualization and cloud platforms.



Vardges Hovhannisyan


Top candidates based on their academic progress will receive respectively 30, 50, 100 percent reimbursement on their tuition fee.
 This means that from now on you can start to learn and work at the same time! Here you can get an opportunity to get back the payment you have been charged for the course. So take your chance to be the top candidate of the course and attend it absolutely free.
The tuition fee is 45 000 AMD per month.
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  • Language: Armenian
  • 15 Participants
  • 48 Hours
  • 2 Months
  • 1 Lecture 2 Workshops Weekly
  • Deadline for applications: April 27, 2019
  • Course Starts: April 29, 2019