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VVVV: a multipurpose kit

Price: AMD120,000.00

ISTC and PROUN are starting a VVVV masterclass for light-audio-visual directing field experts and interested people to prepare professional directors and light/sound/visual engineers.
As part of the course, specialists will have the opportunity to
gain knowledge and skills that will help them become competitive
specialists with high professional qualifications.


Lesson 01 — Visual Programming Environment: VVVV
Lesson 02 — 2d animations
Lesson 03 — 3d animations
Lesson 04 — 3d mapping, video walls and panoramic installations
Lesson 05 — Light set control by DMX protocol
Lesson 06 — Transmission of data by OSC, UDP, TCP protocols
Lesson 07 — UX/UI, making of usable interface
Lesson 08 — High Level Shader Language – HLSL
As a result of the training you can create this type of visual/light effects.
The tuition fee for the whole training is 120 000 AMD.



Misak Samokatyan

Founder of PROUN
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  • Language: Russian/English
  • 15 Participants
  • 48 Hours
  • 2 Months
  • 3 times weekly
  • Deadline for applications is November 29
  • Start of the classes is December 02