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Microbiomics Bootcamp Yerevan 2018

Philip Morris Armenia LLC and Enterprise Incubator Foundation jointly with ISTC and IMB Bioinformatics Group (BIG) are organizing Microbiomics Bootcamp Yerevan in the framework of the sbv IMPROVER Metagenomics Challenge, with the aim to promote this field of studies and bring this exceptional opportunity to the Armenian scientific community.
This challenge has been designed to evaluate the performance of computational microbiome analysis pipelines for their ability to predict the microbial composition of samples based on sequencing data.
Why should one be the part of Microbiomics Bootcamp?
◙ Learn about a very exciting and growing field of research.
◙ Receive an independent assessment of your methods.
◙ Connect with your peers and grow your professional network.
◙ Meet worldwide experts.
◙ Best performing teams will get the chance to co-author scientific article(s) describing the outcome of the challenge.
◙ Meet Philip Morris International (PMI) scientists and researchers.
◙ Win a travel grant worth USD 2,000 that will be awarded to the three best performing teams worldwide.
For more details about the data and challenge check here.
Microbiomics Bootcamp Yerevan 2018 is targeting Machine Learning and Bioinformatics experts who are willing to test their skills, learn new techniques and dive deep into Microbiomics field. 
The Bootcamp will have the following schedule
May 07 – Info session where we will discuss the details of the bootcamp and sbv IMPROVER Challenge, as well as data science and bioinformatics specialists, will give an initial intro to the data and problems that should be solved. 
May 18 – Hands-on Workshop (please register here) for 5 hours where specialists from BIG and ISTC will work with registered teams, introducing the data, detailed discussion of the problems and criteria for winning the competition. The experts will explain the basics of the meta-genomics, tools and strategies, which are essential to the solving the problems. PMI experts will have a webinar and discuss technical advanced approaches and tools for the challenge.
Deadline for the submission to the sbv IMPROVER is May 31.
Until the deadline 3 days of office hours will be provided to the teams by ISTC and BIG specialists, as well as you can use ISTC servers and facilities to work on your projects.
Anyone with an interest in sequencing data analysis in general, or in microbiomics can participate: simply register here before the deadline May 16. 
About sbv IMPROVER
The sbv IMPROVER project, the websites and the Symposia are part of a collaborative project designed to enable scientists to learn about and contribute to the development of a new crowdsourcing method for verification of scientific data and results. The project is led and funded by Philip Morris International (PMI). The current challenges, website and biological network models were developed and maintained as part of a collaboration with Selventa, Douglas Connect, SBX, OrangeBus and ADS.
For more information on Philip Morris International’s research, please visit:, .

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