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Armenia will be the first country in the region to get IBM Watson instance: IBM Watson Day Yerevan


By the initiative of IBM Innovative Solutions and Technologies Center and Enterprise Incubator Foundation on 11th February 2016, IBM Watson Day Yerevan 2016 event was help by IBM Watson Expert Armen Pischdotchian. The event was attended by more than 200 participants. Development trends of IBM Watson and Bluemix in several domains, as well as demos of already existing solutions in the industry were presented during the event.

IBM Watson Day Yerevan was the closing event of 3 day long intensive training for local specialists. 20 participants from universities and private sector had opportunity to pass intensive training of working with IBM Watson Engagement Adviser and IBM Bluemix technologies. All the participants where awarded with certificate during the closing event. Now they will pass the obtained knowledge to a larger auditory during coming months. In 4 weeks IBM Watson instance will be available for Armenia and the training of local students will begin.

ISTC is planning to use also IBM Watson and Bluemix technologies for startup acceleration purposes, in March 2016 first step of ISTC Acceleration will  be announced.


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