Our Trainers

Edgar Aroutiounian
Edgar Aroutiounian is a programmer from the US, after leaving his YCombinator company he came to Armenia to bring Silicon Valley knowledge directly to Armenians.
Antranig Vartanyan
DFIR agent
DFIR agent, hacker, yet, running Armenia's National Computer Emergency Response team all alone. Worked on multiple international projects and open source software, learned all from IRC channels on the net, now trying to give back to the world InfoSec means to explore, to learn, to teach.
Aryan Behzadi
Co-founder of Triple-e augmented reality platform
8 Years in IT industry specifically in software development. In addition to a variety of programming languages he is specialized in different technologies such as Meta Applications for enterprises Mobile programming and Game Development and Software architecture design. Aryan is c o-founder of Triple-e augmented reality platform.
Ruben Gevorgyan
Since 2002 associate professor at chair of mathematical models in economics in Yerevan State University. Mr. Gevorgyan has Ph.D. in Economics. Since 2008 he is Financial Risk Manager FRM.
Marine Ghahramanyan
Project manager
Mrs. Ghahramanyan has huge experience in business process optimization and management, Consulting, Strategic Management and Human resource management. Certified Project Manager (PMP) with extensive experience as a trainer of Project Management, BPM Project management, MIS, Organisation theory, Production Management, etc.
Irina Poghosyan
IT department in French University in Armenia
Head of IT department in French University in Armenia up to now. Excellent experiences in software, hardware and network management. She has huge experience in IT consulting and teaching. The author of several online multimedia Courses.
Zhenya Sargsyan
Software engineer
One of the most dedicated and progressive software engineers in Armenia with 9 years of experience on different projects. She has Master Degree in Information Technology at Yerevan State University. Currently works at Synopsys Inc. as Supervisor of Software engineering group. She has fundamental skills in programming and is able effectively research and implement complicated systems and projects.
Naira Badalyan
Software Engineer
Master of Informatics and Applied Mathematics, Yerevan State University. Being 12 years in IT industry, Naira designs and implements moderately complex software solutions using an array of languages. She has a deep and broad technical experience in software, as well as in hardware and web development fields of programming. From 2012 till now works at Synopsys Inc. as Senior Software Engineer.
Areg Gevorgyan
Startup enthusiast, entrepreneurship expert
Currently running ISTC Startup Accelerator at Innovative Solutions and Technologies Center (ISTC) with IBM. Masters Degree in Management of Technology and Entrepreneurship at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL).
Ruzanna Safaryan
Education innovation expert, Marketing Strategist
IT education development expert and social media strategist. Currently working as Skills Development Manager at IBM Innovative Solutions and Technologies Center (ISTC) in Armenia. Masters Degree in Operational Management and FIinance at Universite Jean Moulin Lyon 3, France.
Arthur Babloyan
Founder of CG Academy
Arthur Babloyan study in Yerevan Fine Art Academy. Arthur start working in CG industry in 2004 and has huge experience in Computer Graphics production and management. CG generalist, Modeler and Texture artist with extensive experience . Arthur has work experience in studios like Triada studio, Touch FX, Betconstruct as CG/VFX team leader.