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Climate Change Tech Accelerator ’19

Climate Change Technology Accelerator '19

The Climate Change Technology Accelerator is implemented by UNDP Armenia and ImpactAim VA in cooperation with ISTC – Innovative Solutions and Technologies Center Foundation, Enterprise Incubator Foundation (EIF). The Project is funded by Russia, implemented jointly with Asian Development Bank Ventures and Ministry of Nature Protection of the Republic of Armenia.

CCTA is helping start-up teams, innovators, scientists, engineers, researchers, and entrepreneurs to move their products to the market, create new ventures, and promote innovation and entrepreneurship.

The Aim

The climate change, we are facing now, is of large scale and urban areas are the major contributors to this issue, here why sustainable urban development is one of the key challenges that humankind is facing for sustainable future. The main aim of Climate Change Tech Accelerator 2019 is to push forward new urban agenda to ensure that cities not only become resource-efficient and low carbon-emitting, but go beyond that to positively enhance the ecosystems which provide them with goods and services. It is going to encourage startups for more strategically organized sustainability efforts of sustainable urban development in which both environmental concerns and human wellbeing will be addressed.

This Acceleration program is right for your startup if it has an innovative and optimal solution for one of these 6 challenges of Sustainable Urban Development:


🌊 Water pollution 

🏭 Air pollution

🌳 Green spaces in the city

🚥 Smart transport system 

♻️ Municipal solid waste management 

🌱 Urban agriculture

The accelerator will last 20 weeks and will have the following program


 Intensive Bootcamp, when during the first 6 weeks teams will have weekly workshops on the specifically chosen topics, as well as office hours will be offered by mentors during the week. 
Customer Development, which will be dedicated to the field works and actual usage of the knowledge and techniques learned during the Bootcamp.


A curated series of workshops on cutting edge technologies and its possible implications for your solution. Covering topics like AI, ML, BlockChain, IoT, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, etc.



The module integrates the IMM model, which relies on the creation of the Impact Value Chain (IOOI Framework, IMP-integrated), Lean Data Collection and the Social Return on Investment model to measure impact. All modules include practical exercises for each section. 



Through tailored 1o1 mentorship and a specially designed curriculum, ventures will be able to strengthen their market presence, scale up their impact, and increase their investment absorption capacity.

During the 12 weeks following activities will be conducted for each team according to the developed working plan:

  • Interviews with target customers
  • 1-1 review meetings with experts
  • Pitching session
  • Company visits
  • Targeted events with successful entrepreneurs